About me

Abena Rockstar is a Ghanaian rapper, songwriter and performer, born in the capital city of Ghana’s Ashanti Region, Kumasi. Abena’s story-writing ability was detected at the early age of 9. With time, she got into writing music – primarily as an avenue to be
heard, but also to engage people with her thought provoking lyrics – and recorded her first demo song in 2006.

Eight years later, in 2014, she recorded a project named ‘Only Few Can Relate,’ which she simultaneously released in April 2017 with her ‘May All Fears inside Abort’ EP, to great acclaim – judging by the impressive streaming and download numbers.
With wide-ranging influences from the likes of Lauryn Hill and Etta James to ɔkɔmfoɔ Kwadɛe and Lord Kenya, Abena is rightfully associated with cutting edges lyrics about life and the realities of living.

In September 2017, her acclaimed eponymous single, ‘Abena’, was selected for study at the Department of African Studies at Howard University in the United States of America.
Abena Rockstar has performed on numerous music platforms, most notably on the stage of Ghana’s biggest art exhibition show, the Chalewote Street Art Festival, in 2017. Counting herself as one of the star performers inside the famed yoyo tinz shrine is
another considerable feat in Abena’s artistic journey.

At the start of 2018, a Swedish television station, Sveriges Television featured Abena Rockstar in their documentary which was meant to sell Ghanaian Hip Hop music to the rest of the world. The documentary was shot mainly at Brazil House in James Town, Accra.

Arena Rockstar released her debut album, the Harvest Season LP, in January 2019.