About Abenarockstar

Abena Rockstar is a Ghanaian rapper, songwriter and performer. She’s best known for a cutting edges lyrics about life and its reality.

She was born in Kumasi. After nurturing her story writing talent at the age of nine (9) years, she veered into music as an avenue to be heard and engage people with her thought provoking songs. Her first recorded demo song in 2006. 

In 2014, ‘Only Few Can Relate’ EP was recorded but simultaneously released in 2017 with ‘May All Fears inside Abort’ EP to great acclaim and impressive streaming and downloads for an up-and-coming recording artiste. 

April 14th 2017, Abena Rockstar released the second stunning EP ‘May All Fears inside Abort’. Symbolically the date for the release was ‘Good Friday’, the day Christians believe Christ died on the cross. The project came from the backdrop of Abena facing her fears and pushing herself musically to higher height.

She continued to receive an array of accolades for her song ‘Abena’. The song was used as a case study at the Department of African Studies at Howard University, Washington, Dc in the United States of America.

Abena has performed on numerous music platforms, noticeably was in 2017, Abena Rockstar performed on the biggest art exhibition show in Ghana ‘Chalewote’. She has been a featured performing artiste on ‘Kona’; a weekly musical show in Accra.

A Swedish National television, the Sveriges Television on Thursday, January 26, 2018 featured the Abena Rockstar in its latest documentary meant to sell Ghanaian type of Hip Hop music to the rest of the world. The documentary was shot mainly at Brazil House, James Town- Accra.

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